I live in Greenwich. I have a special connection with Greenwich Park as I walk my dog around it every day, play here with my children all year round and run through it in the lighter summer evenings. I have come to love every part of it.

The landscape seems completely different day-to-day because of the combination of changing light and the seasons passing. I enjoy the spectacular horizons and colour, the ancient trees and the quiet places where you can step right out of the urban space and feel transported. There's a wildness and magical beauty here. 

I started this web gallery of photos to show what a beautiful place we have on our doorstep. I try to capture the light, colour and texture of what's around me in the simplest way. My images avoid the distractions of crowds, fences and bins but sometimes including remote figures or a bench has enhanced the picture.   I'm very much an amateur but learning as I go along, and adding new images to the gallery here frequently through the seasons.

Please do revisit this site to enjoy the latest pictures of Greenwich Park.

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